Cracker is one of many food products known by the public, because it is a snack enjoyed anytime and anywhere. Especially shrimp and fish crackers that taste savory and delicious and contains high nutritional value. In order to improve the economy in cracker products, then do post-harvest processing, then automatically shrimp and fish will have high economic value than the fresh product.
PT. LEGONG BALI NUSANTARA was first established in Jenggolo - Sidoarjo and has been exporting products to the Netherlands
PT. LEGONG BALI NUSANTARA significant improvements in market Jakarta
PT. LEGONG BALI NUSANTARA participated on the Anuga Fair in West Germany
PT. LEGONG BALI NUSANTARA has penetrated the market on Saudi Arabia
PT. LEGONG BALI NUSANTARA establish a branch company in Gempol - Pasuruan
PT. LEGONG BALI NUSANTARA has become one of the industry's largest shrimp crackers in Indonesia and able to penetrate the markets of Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong China, Australia, Netherlands, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan and the United States.

  • Making the world community more aware of the product - a typical Indonesian food products with high quality, healthy, nutritious and safe for consumption.
  • Maintain its position as number one company in the industry crackers.
  • Help process the natural resources of Indonesia are abundant with the aim to provide healthy nutritious food and quality.
  • Help provide food throughout the world community.
  • Help build and enhance the economic and social conditions of the people of Indonesia